BOREL Swiss at EPHJ 2014 trade show in Geneva

SOLO Swiss Group was pleased to take part at the most important annual trade show in Switzerland, from 17th to 20th June 2014. The Group shared the booth with its subsidiary BOREL Swiss ( and would like to thank you for visiting us.

12 - Thanks Borel Swiss at EPHJ 2014 trade show in Geneva

EPHJ brings together the professionnals of the watchmaking-jewellery field and a worldwide clientele, notably all the brands’ representatives. EPHJ brings together trades and companies, from Europe, upstream and downstream of the finished product in watchmaking-jewellery: Training, Creation, Design, CAD, Raw Materials, Machinery, Tooling, Manufacturing, Microtechnology, Control Devices, Components, Packaging, Displays, Management, Marketing, Communication, Consulting, Services, …

Borel Swiss
Public affairs
June 2014

Founded in 1927, Borel Swiss is the leading manufacturer of electric furnaces, kilns and ovens for the metal, heat processing, heat treating, metal melting, ceramics, glass, porcelain, pottery markets. Borel propose a whole range of standard furnaces, ovens & accessories. If you need a furnace specially tailor-made to your needs, Borel will be pleased to help you. Borel is also - A team of qualified technicians at your service - Over 25'000 furnaces sold throughout the world since 1927 - Manufacturing site in Porrentruy, Switzerland. - Technical support in your language

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