• 1918 Dr Charles Borel develops the first electrical furnaces
  • 1928 Foundation of Borel Ltd in Peseux (Neuchâtel)
  • 1929 Manufacturing of temperature measuring devices
  • 1934 Invention of a new electric melting process for the glass
  • 1978 Technical agreements with IPSEN, SAFED, BMI
  • 1994 SOLO Swiss Group buys Borel and founds Borel Swiss
  • 1995 New location in St-Blaise (Neuchâtel)
  • 2006 Development of a new range of standard furnaces
  • 2008 Setting up of Borel Asia
  • 2011 New catalogue with more than 300 furnaces
  • 2016 Borel becomes a division of SOLO Swiss SA and move to Porrentruy, Jura

borel 20

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